TYPE: $20 Automobile Survey
  ENDS: Apr 21, 2019
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Getting Started
  1. You need to stay with it for a couple months to increase your chances of being picked for the higher paying surveys. Once you have established yourself as a reliable survey worker you have a better chance of getting picked for higher dollar surveys.
  2. We highly recommend setting up a separate email address to be used for everything related to your new survey "business." And be sure to check it often! This way your survey-related email won't be mixed up with your "regular" email, you won't miss any important survey opportunities, and everything will just be a lot easier for you. We have information on where our members can get additional email addresses for free.
  3. Get good at finding registration pages quickly. The faster you can find registration pages and fill them out, the more paid survey companies you'll be signed up.
  4. Some services offer free software to automate filling out forms. By following direct links to registration pages and using this free software you can get signed up for a lot of paid survey companies very quickly. This is how you maximize your money!
  5. Make sure you qualify for a survey company before joining with them. Sometimes survey companies are only looking for applicants from certain states or countries.
  6. Make sure you pick a paid survey database company that identifies whether you will be paid IN CASH for your opinions. Many paid database companies don't tell you up front if the companies you're registering for pay cash or just pay in prizes. This can be a HUGE WASTE OF TIME.
  7. A good service will also share with you the types of opinions you'll be giving:
    • Discussion Groups
    • Focus Groups
    • Mall Intercepts
    • Mail Surveys
    • Mystery Shopping
    • One on one interviews
    • On-line surveys
    • Phone Surveys
    • Product Testing
    • Taste Tests
  8. Remember, you are building a business, and depending on the situation, it can take a while before the money is steady. If you stick with it, the surveys will come.

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