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To Download or Not to Download? 

The subject of survey downloads is one of the most controversial subjects in paid survey-taking.
     People wonder: “Why should I permit an outside marketing company access to my hard drive? Isn’t this like permitting spyware on my computer?”
     Yes… and no. Nielsen Net Ratings, Nielsen Homescan Panel, Permission Research and Opinion Square are the best known of these so'called, "download surveys." These survey companies ask you to download their software. In this way they can contact you when surveys are available. These are reputable surveys. Nielsen has been giving us television ratings for decades using the old-fashioned method of phone surveys. Nielsen is trying to provide the same ratings system for the internet, and it is much-needed.
     The way it works is this: At some point in the survey, you will be asked to download some software. Usually, you simply click, the save the file to your desktop. Then run it, which completes the install. Sometimes, it runs automatically. In some cases, you will need to disable your anti-spyware program in order to activate the download.
     These download surveys can pay very well in exchange for making the download, so in the end, the decision is up to each individual survey-taker: Is it worth it to me?
     Unfortunately, the decision is not quite so clear. Some unscrupulous email marketers posture their spyware as a survey download. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Once you make the download, you’ll find yourself redirected inexplicably to sites you did not request. Adds will be display where they should not be, and popups and popunders will mysteriously appear.
     So in the end, as with all matters on the Internet, you should know the source of the download. If it is trustworthy, such as Nielsen, Permission Research or Opinion Square, then you can trust the survey and their download. If you don’t know the source, then beware.

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